Thursday, May 12, 2011

After Exams...

I feel way more relaxed now.  Like I can finally breathe and it's all going to be good.

Admittedly, the minor injuries sustained in my car accident (which, every time I describe it to someone in person, I realize exactly how serious it was and could have been) are a bit of a dampener on all of it, but at least I was able to make my exams.

Mostly right now, my scabs itch because they're dry and peel-y looking and I really want to take care of it, but that's probably not a good thing.  My bruises are turning a nasty greenish purple color and they look gnarly.  But again, on the plus side, I'm alive and have nothing worse than some sore spots.

But yes, I brought my scores up to at least Bs in every class that posts grades on Blackboard.  My history teacher doesn't so I have no idea how I did.  I'll find out on the 16th.  Tomorrow, GL is graduating from the community college we attend, so I plan on going to that.  I think in a round about way she's pretty much inviting me to have dinner with her family, because she's giving me all of the information to do so.  The only thing is that I'm really used to needing to be asked and invited outright.  It's kind of funny that she does this kind of thing, asking things in round-about ways, because she gets so irritated when other people do it.  But whatever, if I find out where they're eating, I'll attend dinner as well as the graduation.  I also will probably want to know where, exactly, graduation is.  Because at the moment, I just know around when the time is.

As Dr. Evil might say: "Throw me a frickin' bone here, Scott!"  Geeze, Louise.

Perhaps I'll have another post for you later, or perhaps I'll take a nap.  That worked out well yesterday.

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