Monday, May 9, 2011

A Whole Weekend

I waited the whole weekend to tell you of my escapades, in order to have a longer (and hopefully more interesting) post for you!

Let's see...The rest of Friday was spent...Well...Where on earth did I leave off?  The room I was in was getting closed, so I'd had to leave.  I waited for dear GL so we could take care of her last few things she needed to do.  I decided not to try and see if my last class of the day was meeting because, really, the chances of anyone showing up for that class, the last class of the last day of the semester, were slim to none.  I've the exam for that class today.  EXTRANEOUS INFORMATION!!

So we headed to her house, but since her toilet was borked, we stopped at the Sheetz so we could go the bathroom one last time.  We ended up seeing her roommate drive into the driveway as we were getting the trashcan, and apparently this same roommate had driven drunk.  I don't know exactly how safe I feel with this, but seeing as how this roommate will not be interacting with me for a very long time, I'll get over it.

GL and Roommate shared a beer while roommate packed up her things to leave for her parents' house for the weekend, I'm assuming so she could have a working toilet, but whatever the reason, it was nice that she was gone.  I'm not really a big fan of her.

Did I mention that at this point the ceiling had come down?  Yeah, that had happened that morning.  Apparently it was the plumber but we didn't know this until Saturday.

So I spent all evening with GL and it was fun.  Then I went home at around...damn I wish my phone would give me dates and times for longer than the day they're sent...Ugh...
Anyway, I went home.  That was the end of Friday.

NOW!  for Saturday, I was awakened at close to ten so I could drive LS to her make-up dance class, and I had forgotten why Mom and Dad weren't around, but I remembered that it was because Dad plays hockey and there was a tournament and Mom wanted to go and watch him play.  So LS and I were left to our own devices for a good portion of the day.  So I took her to dance, had about an hour and a half to myself, then went back out to get her, came back so she could change her clothes, went back out to eat at one of the three Macado's around here (If you don't know what a macado's is, it's ok.  They serve a lot of sandwiches and have lots of strange objects and artefacts everywhere).  After Macado's, we were full of yummy delicious food, but were wanting to do other things, so we went to the little outdoor mall area, shopped at the bookstore, then tried on shoes we can't afford at a shoe-store, and finally ended up at the local smoothie shop.

Generally this would make for a rather boring sounding day, but I helped LS get in contact with a cute boy she likes, and got Mom a smashing Mother's Day present.  All in all very productive.

At this point we were exhausted so we picked up and headed home.  We managed to beat Mom and Dad home by only a few minutes, so we could hide the present but not really do much about wrapping it.  We gave the present to Mom that night with three bows taped to the top.  It was the most amazing StarWars pop-up book.  Seriously.  And then I needed to be She-Ra, princess of Power, so I left to go to GL's house and take care of that.

Except I'm too weak to have done anything, so we waited for her friend CJ (this is actually his name.  I don't know anything else about him except that he likes watching Top Gear) to show up, because he was coming along soon.  We went to Lowe's, and bought all of her Mother's Day presents, then grabbed some Jimmy John's.  We went back to her house, and watched Family Guy and pretended like we didn't have to pee because we really didn't want to have to go into the barn to do it.

We played some video games and FINALLY CJ arrived.  He managed to fix the toilet enough that we could flush it as long as we filled up the tank manually first.  And then we took a shot of tequila each, sat down and listened to Pink Floyd, took another shot of tequila, then watched Finding Nemo.  By the end of Nemo I was tired and sober and ready to go home.  So, after making sure I was able to get home, I left.  I'm safe, I swear.

I got home at around one fifteen, and went to bed, sleeping soundly until nine fifteen, when, for no reason at all, I was completely awake and well-rested and ready to go.  And so Dad and I left for our church and Mom and LS went to their church.

We went out for lunch at the local Chinese buffet, then we pretty much made Mom play video games and watch tv the rest of the day.

I had decided to make pretty art, so I was in the middle of that when Dad says I needed to go see where my cat was.

This, my dear reader, is where the story gets interesting.  If you've stuck with me this long, this is kind of worth it.

LS's dog had chased Kitty up a tree.  Not just any tree, either.  This tree was a) outside of our fence line, b) had a ladder of unknown vines crawling up it, c) looked like all the branches were going to fall off, and d) had no other way down.

I, of course, being the caring and compassionate owner I am, go over to see if Kitty really is stuck or if she's just not really wanting to get out of the tree.

From all appearances, in my defence, she looked stuck.  Not stuck-stuck but unable to get down for fear of something else.  I decide to talk her through it, since it looks like she's scared of how high up she is.  So I'm standing at the back of our yard, talking to my cat and trying to tell her to jump out of the tree, while she sits there and meows at me incessantly and Dad stands back and laughs, throwing in unhelpful comments whenever he can.

After many...many failed attempts, Kitty finally managed to backwards climb her way down, and as soon as she managed to get within our yard again, idiot dog chased her.  Again and again.  And I couldn't save the Kitty because we have no idea what kind of vines those were and if they'll make my skin itch. :/

I was very annoyed with idiot dog.  Dad just kept making fun of me for thinking Kitty needed saving, but for all looks and purposes, she seemed stuck and unable to get down.

So in the end, either my cat is an idiot with a fear of heights, or a manipulative and conniving Kitty.  Either is completely possible.  She's proved her idiocy in other ways before this particular incident, but it's also true that she's a cat and thus is by nature manipulative and conniving.

In any case, I rode with Dad and LS while LS drove to the local grocer to buy fried chicken, potato wedges and macaroni and cheese for dinner.  Then we watched a Good Eats, I went back upstairs to put the finishing touches on my pretty drawing, and then came down while they were starting StarWars and eating carrot cake.  I stayed for a good portion of the movie, but left as soon as Luke had reached the Dagoba system because I have exams today.  One at 1 and the other at 3:30.

I'm not looking forward to either, really, but I dislike the first more than the second.

Until next time, Dear Reader,

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