Sunday, June 19, 2011

It HAS been a while, hasn't it?

To all those who are fathers or who have fathers, I wish you all a happy Father's Day!

Now to business.

I have been a member of an online dating site for a few weeks now, and I have been chatting with this young man, DS, not to be confused with DM, because right now DS has no alternate name.  He seems alright, and he waited out a number of weeks before I would give him my number to text, unlike several other guys on this particular site (or any other, I imagine).

So we exchange numbers, and I am to be the one to text first.  So I enter his number into my phone, set him to a contact so I will know with whom I am talking and send him a straightforward text telling him whom I am and from where I know him.

And I'm texted back from someone who apparently loves Gavin and is quite obviously not who I wish to be talking to.  So I apologize, and alert them to the fact that this is problematic.  I go back to the message where DS sent me his number, and I notice there was a bit of a user error in my contacts.  I have mistyped the number.  So I quickly change it and text the correct number this time.

And the wrong number keeps texting me.  They asked what I meant and how old I was.  I merely told them there was a user error and did not address the age question as I do not wish to be predatorized...preyed on...something like that.

And they continued to text me!  They are quite obviously not old enough to be texting anyone, since they have no idea what the word "problematic" means, and they continued to ask how old I was without first telling me their name.

I told them, simply, what problematic means, and I then asked them, concisely, with whom I was speaking.

They haven't texted back yet.  I'm fairly certain I ought to not text them anymore, considering I believe them to be quite young.

However, they did type in full words and not in the usual "text speak" I'm used to seeing from the younger generations...Perhaps my faith in those who will follow after me is not entirely lost yet.

And now for something completely different **Jacked from Monty Python**

We will soon have a guest blogger on here.  GL, or Good Lady, will be writing a bit of a rant which I shall post upon this blog and put out for the world to see!  I imagine it will be a compelling and very persuasive rant on the way life and love are affected by hollywood and the subsequent dramas and romcoms pulled forth from thence.

I used a lot of big words today.  When your mouth hurts from wisdom teeth extraction, you think up all sorts of fantastical words to use.  ESPECIALLY if one of the days during your recovery was spent watching BBC's Sherlock.

Heeeeee Sherlock :)

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