Monday, May 2, 2011

Road Workers Think I'm Crazy and also God's Designs

Three posts in one day?  I just have a lot to say and too much time to do it.

Driving home I got onto the second to last road home, but there were people painting the newly paved road.  They were making their way down the road, but I was at a stop sign with no one there to tell me if it was safe but the people who were behind the truck blocking my view.  I gave a thumbs up to one of the fellows and a questioning look, and he waved me on.  As I passed, I saw a good portion of them laughing.  I'm fairly certain they were laughing at me.

The thumbs up made sense to me.  I can't imagine what else I could have done to make sure all of them were safe and that it was O.K. for me to cross their spray-painted line down the middle of the road.

Why is it whenever I'm concerned about their safety, the road workers either roll their eyes and look annoyed or just laugh?  I'm legitimately concerned about their wellbeing and they apparently are not.  It's just common courtesy.  I could be a complete asshole about passing them, squealing my tires, flipping them off and looking annoyed, but no.  Instead I ask if it's safe for me to go on ahead, make sure I'm going a safe speed around them, keep up with traffic and stay safe distances away from all the other things on the road that are not me.  I don't see anything wrong with that, do you?

In other news, I do a lot of thinking in my minivan.  Mostly inane things that have no purpose being thought except to fill blank space.

But today I had a thought that simply must be shared:

Why did God give humans butt-cheeks?  What purpose do they serve?

I google searched it.  It resulted in mostly a cushion, a way to muffle farts, and a result from the fact that humans walk upright and no other animals do, therefore no other animals have buttcheeks.

In which case, my musing over the issue has become null and void.

But in the car it was quite amusing to get bent out of shape about it.

Maaaaan, the internet can be kind of a buzz kill sometimes.

Till next time, dear reader (I believe you're still singular after today)

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