Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If This is How Every Wednesday Is Going To Go...

...For the rest of the semester, then someone shoot me please.

The class isn't even all that bad.  It's the people on the road I hate.  We can't get our cars up to the speedlimit, so I can't drive my car up the goddman mountains, so I piss people off by proxy, and then I have to sit for FUCKING ever to try and get to the PARKING LOT for class.  It is completely unnecessary and dumb and I hate it.

I swear to god, if Wednesdays are going to be back out to kick my ass this semester, I'm going to kill someone.  Hopefully one of the obnoxious old dogs that live in my apartment building, because it'll be less suspicious if one of them dies.  Also, no one likes them anyway.

Ugh, sorry to rant at you guys.  You didn't do anything to deserve it, and I apologize.

Unless you're one of the dumbasses on the road, in which case, all my rage to you.

I don't like using the school's computers for this, because something is always screwy with the interface.  I'm much better off blogging from home.  Unfortunately I need to go to classes so I can have money to blog from home, so you get random rage-blogs because I have anger issues I haven't really ever discussed before.

Now to think of things that won't piss me off and leave me in a bad mood for the rest of the class:
Puppies (wrong, because puppies pee in houses, and that's the issue we have now)
Kittens (which makes me miss mine, even though she lives only a few minutes away)
Food (no, just ate...)
Well, fine then, I just won't think of happy things!


Well, until next time, dear readers

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Doggy Facebook

I once read that dogs communicate not only audibly through sounds that most of the time only they can pick up, but also through their excrement.

(Thought of a funny, and will share it now:  Dogs are always shit-talkers!)

And not just the poo, but also their pee, too.

If you haven't guessed where I'm going with this by now, allow me to enlighten you.

Whenever your dog goes out to do their business, it's like they're checking facebook ("Oh my gosh, weirdest thing ever, there's a cat in my house!") or twitter ("Gottagogottagogottago--BIRD") or other social networking sites.  Sometimes it's a bit like a dating site ("Hey, cute small dog from upstairs whose owner feeds her human food sometimes, you smell cute, do you like me too?").  Sometimes I swear it's an art site ("I will make this beautiful and others will comment on it" "Oh my gosh, that looks like shit! You're amazing!").  Other times, I think they might be blogging ("And over here I will tell them about such and such, here I will say this, and over here, I will post about a new theory about how humans use the internet like a potty and tell everyone about their days through small blurbs.")

I even have mock posts from a good portion of the dogs that live in our building.

The husky who lives downstairs, "Oh my GOD I fucking hate small dogs, must kill must kill must kill, etc"

The puppy who lives with the husky, "There are things, in the skyyyyyyy and I'm not sureeeee, I've sung about it already, but I don't know what I'm supposed to doooooooo, and I smell other dogs, but I don't knoooooooowww"

The old beagle who lives downstairs, "Oh how I miss my days as a lounge singer, so I shall sing once more!" (To which there are THOUSANDS of comments from the other dogs on how she should just stop, there's a reason she had to keep her day job, etc.)

The chihuahua who lives in our apartment, "......" Give him some slack, he's like an old guy trying to learn facebook to keep in touch with his grandchildren and just not having it work at all.  Also, he pees inside for no good reason.

The puppy who also lives in our apartment, "Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, etc."  (She just wants to be loved) Also sometimes she probably does the whole posting of a sad emo song lyric to show how much she wants to be loved.

The Maggie-doggy who is the bestest in the whole world, "Had the worst day ever, Mommy left me for HOURS.  Had the best day ever, Mommy came back!"  (she's prone to swings like that when "Mommy" is gone)

And the dog who's living upstairs for now while its parents are hiding from floodwaters from the hurricane, "Hi, I'm new here, be my friend?"

I have no life, as I'm sure you've figured out.

In the end, the next time you're frustrated with your dog taking so long to sniff everything outside while they're out to do their business, remember:  Your dog is patient when you check your facebook, be patient while they check theirs.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Inappropriate Songs

I did a bit on this on a previous journal on my dA, and I had it happen again.

An inappropriate song is something that does not match the mood of whatever you're doing.  If you're at a funeral (or reading about the death of a favorite character) you probably do not want to hear "Closer" by NIN or if there's a villainous monologue, "Cuppy-cake" by an adorable 3 year old is probably not the song for the mood.

Similarly, if you're reading a sex scene, and you're getting into it, you probably REALLY don't want to hear Peanut Butter Jelly Time.  Because then you'll have to take a quick break as you giggle to yourself and write a blog about it.  Like I just did.

Just saying.  It totally breaks the mood.  It happens more often than not, and I forget I have places to tell people about it :D

Sunday, August 14, 2011

This is too much trouble.

Okay, so situation with new-boy has progressed pretty far.  Right now I'm not worried about it, but later I might have to be.

In other words, this is a post about my hickey, so if you're not willing to read that, probably you should just move on.

Okay, so I have new-boy.  And yesterday all four of us hung out.  We did not go to the waterfall hike that I said we were going to go on, mostly because it looked like rain and we didn't want to be an hour's hike up a mountain in the rain.  So we hung out around town, which was nice, and then after lunch, GL's boy had to go pick up his best friend, and the rest of us headed inside GL and I's apartment.  GL went to take a nap and obviously new-boy and I played a game of go fish in my room.  WRONG, no actually, we did not, but that's what I'm going to refer to in this blog as what we did, because I want to be ridiculous right now, so that's what I'm going to do.

So we played some Go-Fish for a while and during the course of the game, I acquired a large BRUISE on my neck.  I realize these are requirements for having a hickey, but I mean really.  It was purple and kind of darkish and I was really excited about it.  Until I showed it to GL, who promptly accidentally reminded me that I had work today.

Work, where I wait tables on rather well-off types who know that I do not usually wear a whole lot of make-up (to any men in the audience, this will come into play later).

Well, we also had dinner with my sister, so I had to leave the mark unattended until afterwards.  Then me and GL went back home and played doll for a little bit so she could try to hide the mark for me so I could know how to do it today.  Well, things went well, since her boy came back over and he could hardly tell there was a mark, and I could look in the mirror and not tell there was a mark -- just that there was a shitton of makeup on my neck.  So we called it good, she set up the supplies in the bathroom in the order I would need them and we all went to bed (after I showered, which may have been my biggest mistake.  I'm pretty sure at this point, I should have just showered before putting the makeup on and then done touchups this morning).

Throughout the course of the evening, I'll have you know, GL kept reassuring me that since I heal well, it should be mostly gone by this morning, don't worry.  Unfortunately for all involved this did not occur.  Unfortunately for me because it meant I still had to put on a whole lot of makeup, and unfortunately for her because I think she wanted this to be as easy for me as I wanted it to be.

Well anyway, TL;DR: I put the makeup on and it's not as good as it was last night, and now I have shittons of makeup on my neck and my collar of my work uniform.  And now I'm kind of pissy and self conscious about it.

And I have makeup all over my uniform's collar.  Which is just obnoxious, since it's a polo.


Until Next Time, Dear Readers,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yesterday...Kind of Rocked.

I hate when blogs get all self-centered and focused on the daily life of the blogger. So I'm going to tell you about the great day I had yesterday! :D

As you know, I've been on this dating site for a little while.  Been messaging with a few guys, keepin' it real.  Nothing serious had occurred, though I'd met one of them in person.  It was boring and I was getting tired of it, but I liked talking to a few of the fellas so I was just going to keep going until I was so bored I just up and quit.

And then one of the guys I've been talking to asked me to lunch.  I thought that sounded like a fun idea, as I don't generally do anything out of the ordinary for lunch, and GL was sleeping anyway (it's okay, she found a boy so she needs her sleeps :D).  So I said sure, and we met up at the same pizza place I met the other guy from the same site.

I am SO GLAD this one went better.  I mean, the guy I'd met before, we'll call him UJ, he was alright, but he was just a little standoffish, and while he wasn't exactly mean to our server, he wasn't nice either.  Which I take even more into account now that I myself am something of a server (I don't really count it though because I work at a buffet and I know we don't do anything quite to the rigors of a full restaurant).  MOVING ON.  Anyway, so I just thought he was a boring fellow and he texted me later saying how wonderful it was that we hit it off right away.  And soon, he got annoying, so I've taken to ignoring his texts a little bit.  It's not nice, but then again, why should I have to be?

ANYWAY, so the good things:  So we go out for pizza and our meal goes well, we just sit there talking and hitting it off and such.  He paid, which was amazing.  I've never met a guy who pays for you just because you're a girl.  He says that's how he was raised, but honestly, that's still really just...I'm still in shock and awe over it.  I don't think I expressed that very well to GL when I was telling her all the deets last night, but...Usually guys make us go dutch, mostly because we are all poor college students, but still.  It was just really nice of him.  He totally didn't know why I was thanking him for it, and that was hilarious.  He thought I was talking about the mints.  Which is just silly.

So we leave the restaurant and he tells me he's thought of something fun for us to do, since we're both acquainted with the area pretty well (I mean, I ought to be, I grew up here...) and he suggests going to feed ducks at the local duck pond.  I agree because, hey I haven't done that since I was young enough to want to do that always.  Probably about fifteen years or so.  Rough estimate.  But in order to feed the ducks, we must give them bread, since they do not eat tortillas, (not that it would have mattered, as we did not have tortillas either).  And then we had to figure ourselves through the rigors of trying to figure out where to park the cars, since I don't have a student tag, and I also have no idea where I'm going.  Plus, we still needed to get bread and that was just HIGHLY inconvenient.

So we figured out that we could head to a foodlion near by, grab the bread, leave my car, take his, and walk down to the duck pond.  And that's what we did.  So we found a bench kind of out of the way, because, dude, who wants to be all up in peoples' ways when you're feeding ducks?  So of course where we're sitting there are no ducks.  No ducks at all.  So instead we have this loaf of bread and no ducks to feed it to.  So we sit there at chitchat some more before the ducks finally head over our way, and we attempt to feed them.  Then the ducks swarmed.  It was kind of hilarious, and also kind of frightening.  Have you ever been surrounded by hungry ducks?  You know the feeling.  You go "how on earth is this even happening to me?  This only happens on television!"  and then you realize you still don't live in a tv show and you need to GTFO right now or you'll be eaten by a pack of ducks.  So we got rid of the bread and ran to some gardens on campus.  Then we hung out under this really neat gazebo thing that was absolutely covered in vines.  And we chatted for like...ever.  I left there four hours after we'd met for lunch.

I even let him kiss me :)  THAT's how well it went.  And you know what, I'm totally fine with that.

He wants to go hiking next.  He actually wanted to go this afternoon, but I babysit on Wednesday evenings and had forgotten at the time he brought it up, so we're going to reschedule so that GL and her boy can come too, because it will be AWESOME.  Apparently I'm going to get lots of out doors exercise with this boy.  I'm not totally mad about it. :D

Until Next Time, Dear Readers