Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yesterday and today

Well, despite my nerves, yesterday's interview went off without a hitch.  The only problem I ran into was that we went a little later than I would have liked, but I managed to get out with enough time to change my clothes while driving, and get into the classroom with five minutes to spare.  The only reason it was as nerve wracking as I made it out to be is that I had a test in that class.

Everything else went all hunky dory.  I learned I'm not quite the beast at the stock market as I thought I was, hung out with my best friend, loved the fact that I now can have-a-car-of-my-very-own all day on Wednesdays, and learned that Wednesdays can be one of the better days of the week.

There was a time, however when Wednesdays were the bane of my existence.  It all started about three years ago, at the end of May...

I'd been hanging out with the same group of people since the beginning of high school (well, when they were in high school anyway. I was homeschooled and in the same grades, but whatever, IRRELEVANT INFO), and so we'd gotten relatively close.  Looking back now it was barely even "regular friends."  It was far to close to acquaintances.  BESIDE THE POINT!!

My sister and my at-the-time best friend were in the same dance recital, so everyone showed up.  I went over during intermission to talk with a few of them and got a compliment on my necklace from a guy who I'm sure can see right down my shirt when looking at any necklace I wear when we're both standing.

A couple of days later, me and the self-same guy were "dating."  It was unofficial at best, mostly we would hang out and watch movies together.  Our first "real" date was us going to a drive in movie to see Land of the Lost, which we saw again on our second "real" date, which was a double date with another friend of mine and her at-the-time boyfriend.

(Hey, guess what?  This is a mystery story!  Find all the clues to tell you what part of this was a bad idea.  HINT:  ALL OF IT)

Sue me, I was sixteen, dumb and out of a two-week-long relationship that had begun at a weekend conference thing, was kicked off by a couple of marriage proposals over the phone, with a guy I could barely hear, let alone understand, and ended over text messaging.  I'm sure everyone's made those kinds of mistakes, right?

Ah, yeah, didn't think so...sunova-

Anyway, getting back on topic:

Three of our pseudo dates in, we were kissing, and making out, and ewww.  He made me pay attention to all the movies he chose, but if I chose a movie, all bets were off and he didn't pay any attention.

We broke up three weeks in.  His choice.  He was going back to his at the time ex-girlfriend.  They lasted almost a year after that.

We broke up on a Wednesday.  And ever since that relationship, all the way until I went to Louisiana last summer, Wednesdays were hell.  I couldn't do anything fun on a Wednesday, or it would all go to shit.

It was very painful and annoying and frustrating.

But, like I said, after two years, it went away and I was able to function during Wednesdays, even come to enjoy them most times.

Yesterday, like I said, was amazing.

Today however, has not started off so well.  My mother is upset for some reason, and, as the saying goes, if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

For now, I must fill our recycled water bottles to put in the fridge when we wish to have them.  Until Next Time, Dear Reader.


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