Friday, May 6, 2011

My life has gone from normal to kind of crazy

I love my best friend.  She's fantastic.

That being said, whenever I'm with her, something kind of crazy always happens.  I'm not entirely sure why.

I bring this up because I was over at her place last night.  We'd been hanging out in her room since the living room was being occupied by her roommate and the roommate's study-buddy.  It was a  normal evening otherwise.

All of the sudden, at around ten or ten-thirty, the roommate comes upstairs and says that there is a leak in the ceiling.  Downstairs.  They had heard it drip and gotten a bowl for it, but they didn't quite know what the source was.

We went downstairs to see what was going on.  There was a buckled tile on the ceiling that looked like it was damn near ready to pop.  I kept my distance, of course, because who knows what it would do.

The two people who actually live in the house checked out the bathroom to see what might be going on.  Apparently there had been a little bit of a leak around the toilet for a really long time, and now it seemed the water had saturated the wood in the area, making it buckle and drip and sink a little bit as well.  You could kind of see the indent around the toilet.  Considering we (meaning my friend and I specifically) figured it wasn't a pool of water that was waiting to just spew out, I figured the toilet was just going to fall through the ceiling onto our heads.  No one took my concerns seriously.

I understand, when you tell someone their toilet could fall through their ceiling, it's kind of outlandish and brings up many ideas of a toilet just coming through like there's nothing attached to it and landing on the floor like nothing happened.  I realize that's not what was going to happen.  I'm a bit smarter than some people give me credit for.  But I did fear that with the wood being weak, and becoming more weakened by the fact that my friend's roommate wanted to poke a hole in the ceiling, that the floor would give way underneath the toilet and it would hang from the plumbing down into the tack room.  It would have been messy and dusty and spew-y with water.

Luckily this didn't happen, but it does mean that they have no bathroom for the time being because they don't want to make the problem worse.  So I've been updated this morning, as I was in the middle of writing this, that the ceiling where it was wet has been...ah...somehow removed.  It doesn't appear that it did so of its own accord, so we're assuming their landlord did it at some point.  However, it's still not a good thing because how was the water getting there in the first place?  I'm no plumber, but I'm pretty sure water in your ceiling under your toilet means there's a leak and that you should fix it.

Just saying.

But on the plus side, the roommate is leaving in a week or so, and my friend is moving...ah...a little later than that, unfortunately, but hopefully there will be a place for her to stay around here so that she can continue working and such until she's able to move into our new place.

God, I hope nothing like this happens in our new place.  That would just be really inconvenient.

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