Saturday, May 18, 2013

Adult, Big-girl Decisions.

I made one today.

I gave my two-weeks notice at the hotel I work at.

Reasons why I'm quitting (in case anyone cares)***

-- Too much misinformation.  A good example: what I left this evening.  I was told via email from the GM that I was to show up this evening for bar shift.  Fine, no big deal.  This was Thursday.  He had three days to correct me.  I came in this evening (not really wanting to, obviously, as I've been over this whole thing for, like, months) only to find out I wasn't even on the schedule for tonight, and therefore superfluous.  Which brings me to my next bullet point.

-- Perceived under-appreciation.  I only say perceived because honestly, I have no gage to compare this job to.  But frankly, I feel like I'm worked harder than a lot of other people are, for a lot less time, and a lot less money.  And I'm never told if I'm doing a good job.  I'm only ever told I'm doing something wrong, and that's after I've been doing it wrong.  Again, segueing into my next bullet point.

-- Lack of communication that's never resolved.  I've brought it up with the management several times more than I think I should have to, and it's obviously a problem they know about (as they've flat out told me a couple times).  No one talks to one another.

-- Inconsistent hours/Unclear schedules.  I'm not asking for a set weekly schedule, I'm not even asking for full time (well, not at the time, anyway, I will be now), but it would be nice if I knew how long I was going to be at this place, or what day I could expect to be there.  Or even if they would honor the fact that I would like a specific day off.  But they don't.  I understand sometimes they can't, but when the day I've asked for off isn't a) busy or b) a day someone else couldn't take/I'm not needed for, I start wondering if maybe they just don't fucking care.

-- Lack of acceptance by my coworkers.  I've been there for almost two years.  I don't hang out with or know the people I work with outside of work.  Oh, they all know each other and hang out with each other (I hear there's a day they all go out for a drink together if they can, but damned if I know what day it is).  But I'm not invited.  I've only JUST started making "friends" with people.  Which mostly means they're friendlier to me than some of the other people I work with.

-- The hotel doesn't work as a team.  It's more like a bunch of different teams working for the same cause.  No one helps anyone else out.  If it's not on someone's checklist, they don't do it -- even if it needs to be done and they're the only one around who can take care of it.  There have been several times where I've done something that wasn't my duty because I saw it needed doing.  Hell, I'll even let people know I've done it.  But no one else that I can see does that.

-- I never felt as if I were working for the company.  I was always only working for the people directly above me.  I'm one of those people who just does as they're told.  I'm told it's a marketable skill.  But I'll be honest, the only thing that's kept me coming back these past few months has been the customers.  They're the bright point in my day when I work there.  They're the ones I enjoy being nice to.  And considering I trolled before I started working, I was honestly expecting to have more hellish customers than I ever did.

-- While the managers at the hotel are lovely people, just really great, nice, friendly, personable - they are not good management.  They don't take care of problems in the staff, they don't handle the schedule, they just don't take care of things the way I was led to believe managers were supposed to be able to take care of things.

-- And the end-all-be-all is that this isn't the field I want to be in, long-term.  I want to be a bartender.  We don't have a full bar.  Can you see why this might be a problem for me?

I'm just done.  I'm so over all of this.

And if Dominos doesn't stop putting a fucking ranch container in my chicken wings when I SPECIFICALLY CLICK NO RANCH (I even pick a completely different sauce), I'm going to have to fucking complain.

Nope, said something in the comments section online.  We're good now.  I'll probably never hear back from them.

Ugh, I'm just...I'm so done.

Until next time, dear readers.

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