Friday, April 5, 2013

Why I Was Almost Super Sad Just Now

So...a little while ago I cleared my browsing history and cache on chrome.  And I was worried I was going to have to try and remember my password when I logged in to blogger just now.

But I forgot one tiny detail:  My blogger account is linked to my Youtube account, which I logged into shortly after having cleared my history yesterday...

And therefore didn't have to type in my password.

OH! And I met a really nice person today!  I was outside trying to clean off the freak snowstorm from my car and a guy is walking down the street and I'm struggling because I'm an idiot sometimes and things just don't always work the way I really plan for them to.  So random dude -- we'll call him Afro because that's how he introduced himself, even though that's not his real name, but his initials were already taken on this blog, and since he's nice and I don't want to confuse you guys, Afro it is -- Afro asks if I need a hand.  I'm like "naw dude, I got this, I'm just dumb."

And he's all like "Gurl, I'm still drunk, I would love to help you clean off your car before I walk all the way across town."

And I'm like, "If you're offering, I won't be hatin'." So I pass him my car-cleaning-stick and let him at it.  Nice guy.  Pretty chill, very obviously still drunk/very seriously hung over.  I'm not judging, just giving you an accurate picture.

So then we finish, say our goodbyes and he's on his way and I start driving to school.  Then, all of the sudden it occurs to me, I've got loads of time, and he's going a very long way it looks like.  I roll down my window and ask if he wants a ride.  Long story short (too late!) he gets in and I take him home because it's the least I could do.  He did clear my car off for me, might as well give him a warm ride home so he could sleep off the night prior.

Anyway, yeah.  I personally think he's probably trouble because,'s me and that's all I seem to attract, (also, Facebook is very insightful for these things), but he was at least not an asshole about it.  Not an asshole while still recovering from a night of partying, anyway.

So...tonight I'm celebrating my 21st birthday...wish me luck?  I just have this feeling it's going to either be crazy and I'm going to be completely fucked up all night, or I'm going to have a nice night out with my parents and be totally boring and come home to pass out to Dr. Who or something (which might happen anyway, but in one instance I'll remember it, and in the other, I won't).

I'm super exciting.  You're all jealous, I know.

Until Next Time, Dear Readers,

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