Friday, December 21, 2012

Good Girl Posts

And other things that will not be happening tonight.

I found a pick up line that just doesn't  It's not even necessarily a pickup line, unless the man in question has a blue box to back it up.

Maybe it's not a pickup line...but regardless, my mind went interesting places when I read it.

"It's bigger on the inside."




Do you see what I mean?

It just doesn't...sound right.  Unless there is a blue box to back it up.  You know what I'm saying.  Because honestly, you can't use that sentence in any other context.

You just can't.

In other news, I'm gorgeous for the next ten to fifteen minutes or so.  I have work tomorrow, have all my wrapping done except for the presents I needed to have actually made and all of my Christmas cards which still need to get done.  But I can maybe crank the cards and at least one of the things I needed to make out in the next couple of days, and hopefully the rest won't take too much longer...But I highly doubt my productivity is going to go up just because the world didn't end today.

Oh yeah, happy beginning of the rest of your life.  Since we have one and all.  Stupid world not ending.

I was extremely conflicted over the whole thing, in the end.  I felt like it was going to happen, wanted it to happen so I would be right, wanted it to happen so I wouldn't have to continue dealing with the rest of the world and all the crazies/idiots therein, and then I kind of...didn't.  I suppose self-preservation kicked in at the last minute and was like "HEY WAIT, we don't actually want to die.  We're quite happy being alive, thanks very much."

Fat load of good it does me.  Now I have to go to work tomorrow.  Ugh.

I still love my job, it's that whole "waking up in the morning" thing that I'm not exactly fond of.  Scratch that, I do enjoy waking up, I do not enjoy being awoken three hours before the sun comes up over the mountains.  That is decidedly Not Fun.

At least I have good music to start my day, and cash in my pocket book so I can grab an energy drink before work, so I can make it til lunch time, where I can get a soda so I can make it until I go and get coffee so I can make it until dinner, which will likely be Subway and a diet coke, because I'll be in that area anyway.  And that's my tomorrow.

What's yours look like?

Don't tell me, if I really wanted to know, I wouldn't ask in a blog post.

At least I don't have to work on Christmas this year.

Until Next Time, Dear Readers.


  1. If he DID have a blue box to back it up... it gets wonky when you realize said blue box is a she.. so SHES bigger on the inside.... but I guess since he just saved us all we can just say thanks and love him anyways. We should all eat fish fingers and pudding for dinner tonight.

    1. Super true. I will be celebrating by sleeping, m'self, as I don't have fish sticks OR pudding OR custard to celebrate with.