Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Anna and the King

Just finished watching the two-or three hour epic.  Cried like 7 times.  Y U MAKE ME SAD, ANNA AND KING?!

God, there were just tears everywhere.  Could not get away from it.  Seriously.

Totally shipped the prince and Louis together, though.  Meant to be, for always.

Going to watch the Labyrinth to make me less sad next.

Also, spent, like, three hours today dressed in my best version of period costume.  Which was essentially this button down I never wear but I love, the skirt to my medieval costume, and my hair tied back real tight, a la 1800something a.d.

Was freakin' beautiful for all three of those hours. Spent it eating chips and cookie dough and reading TheOtherJaneAusten tumblr.  Seriously, why did they lose the 'e'?  Makes my life hell when I want to write the damn word.

Still not done with it, either.  Started it yesterday around 3 or 4 in the afternoon (Told facebook 4 to make me seem less crazy.  It was totally closer to 3) and was up until quarter-two reading it.  Spent three+ hours on there today, STILL haven't reached the end, and I'll have to start over at the beginning when I do finally finish, because I know for a fact they've added more, without looking at the front page (because sometimes I'm rereading posts).

Ugh, okay.  Going to watch Labyrinth now.  David Bowie in tight trousers.  Mmf.  Yes.

Okay, ttyl guys.
(Sorry, this was too long for Facebook, but I wanted to SHARE with the world, so you guys get it. Bahahahahahahaha And later I will RULE THE UNIVERSE)
Until Next time, Dear Readers,

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