Monday, January 14, 2013


I have found a GRIEVOUS error on the side of whoever came up with the emotes for the iPhone 4S (I say only this one because this is the one I currently am in possession of).

This isn't to say the emotes themselves are bad.  There are plenty of very good ones.  However there is one missing that I find completely not okay.

There.  Is. No. Emote. For. Crossing your fingers.

Laugh though you may, but take note of all the other emote options in the library of keyboards they have for you.  You may notice the SEVEN DIFFERENT TYPES OF VEGETABLES AND FRUIT, the twelve different hand signals, eight or so sweat drop emotes (some without faces).  Twelve types of boats, twenty planes, five cars, six pages of ANIMALS.


So I can come up with about 20,000 ways to send a dirty message all in pictograph form, but I am not allowed to send the happy thought "Wishing you luck from all the way over here by following a superstition that says crossing my fingers for you will give you good thoughts and well wishes enough to do well!" IN A BLOODY PICTURE-TYPE-EMOTE-THING!!!


This is a grave error.  This must be rectified.  Seriously, 20,000 dirty messages, at least seven of them containing vegetables, AND NO CROSSED FINGERS FOR GOOD LUCK!!!!!  Even if I wanted to send the good luck for getting laid to someone, I CANNOT DO SO THANKS SOOOOOO MUCH APPLE.

Seriously.  The closest I could find was an ENGLISH EDITING MARK.  One that means "Deletion".  This is UNACCEPTABLE.

In other news...
No, there is no other news.

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