Sunday, August 14, 2011

This is too much trouble.

Okay, so situation with new-boy has progressed pretty far.  Right now I'm not worried about it, but later I might have to be.

In other words, this is a post about my hickey, so if you're not willing to read that, probably you should just move on.

Okay, so I have new-boy.  And yesterday all four of us hung out.  We did not go to the waterfall hike that I said we were going to go on, mostly because it looked like rain and we didn't want to be an hour's hike up a mountain in the rain.  So we hung out around town, which was nice, and then after lunch, GL's boy had to go pick up his best friend, and the rest of us headed inside GL and I's apartment.  GL went to take a nap and obviously new-boy and I played a game of go fish in my room.  WRONG, no actually, we did not, but that's what I'm going to refer to in this blog as what we did, because I want to be ridiculous right now, so that's what I'm going to do.

So we played some Go-Fish for a while and during the course of the game, I acquired a large BRUISE on my neck.  I realize these are requirements for having a hickey, but I mean really.  It was purple and kind of darkish and I was really excited about it.  Until I showed it to GL, who promptly accidentally reminded me that I had work today.

Work, where I wait tables on rather well-off types who know that I do not usually wear a whole lot of make-up (to any men in the audience, this will come into play later).

Well, we also had dinner with my sister, so I had to leave the mark unattended until afterwards.  Then me and GL went back home and played doll for a little bit so she could try to hide the mark for me so I could know how to do it today.  Well, things went well, since her boy came back over and he could hardly tell there was a mark, and I could look in the mirror and not tell there was a mark -- just that there was a shitton of makeup on my neck.  So we called it good, she set up the supplies in the bathroom in the order I would need them and we all went to bed (after I showered, which may have been my biggest mistake.  I'm pretty sure at this point, I should have just showered before putting the makeup on and then done touchups this morning).

Throughout the course of the evening, I'll have you know, GL kept reassuring me that since I heal well, it should be mostly gone by this morning, don't worry.  Unfortunately for all involved this did not occur.  Unfortunately for me because it meant I still had to put on a whole lot of makeup, and unfortunately for her because I think she wanted this to be as easy for me as I wanted it to be.

Well anyway, TL;DR: I put the makeup on and it's not as good as it was last night, and now I have shittons of makeup on my neck and my collar of my work uniform.  And now I'm kind of pissy and self conscious about it.

And I have makeup all over my uniform's collar.  Which is just obnoxious, since it's a polo.


Until Next Time, Dear Readers,

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