Saturday, June 25, 2011

Well Hello Again!

Hi to all and sundry,

This is the update on the not-date, because I didn't really feel like editing my earlier post.  It's too much work.

His name is hard to pronounce, and he has a rather strong accent, but after two hours, it was like he was speaking perfect 'Meruhkin.  We had TONS in common, and even though there would be some times where conversation would just stop suddenly, we'd start back up again like it hadn't.  It was really nice.

Also the food was delicious and I had tons of soda so I should be up for at least a little while, Haha.

He's just a guy who wants a friend, and I think that's quite alright with me.

Maybe this dating website thing isn't as bad as I have found it to be so far.

Until Next Time, Dear Reader

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