Friday, September 20, 2013


Okay, so in case you were unaware, I recently moved into a house full of guys.  Like two months ago-recently.  And so far, with about 2/3 of the male population in the house I get along fine.

There's this one though.  Holy shit.  I don't know what it is about him that just rubs me the fucking wrong way but it might be the fact that he deals with household issues like a fucking girl.

Let me backup a little.

This guy is the son of my landlords. Well, grandson of the landlady.  Step-grandson of the landlady.  Whatever, he's related to the people who own the fucking house.

He's also not paying any rent. Oh sure, he pays his portion of the utilities, that's fine, but we have 4 people in the house, why am I having to pay 1/3 of the rent?  (Okay, so it's ridiculously cheap, fine, whatever, it's the principle of the matter, you have four people in a house, living there, all four of them should be paying for the fucking house.) Oh right, because he's related to the landowners.

He also has an adorable puppy.  The puppy does not always stay at the house.  Sometimes he does, but for the most part so far he hasn't been living here. He's been staying at the landowners' house.  It's worked out well because the damn dog (like most other puppies) cries when Problem Roommate is not there. (We'll call him MM for Most Mature in a very sarcastic voice.) The puppy, because he is such a clever little puppy, can get out of the house and into the yard if some of the doors aren't shut all of the way.

The puppy isn't very well-trained yet.  He's still just a baby.  The yard is not fenced in.  The house sits about 20 yards from a moderately busy road.

So obviously, we need to be very careful about closing doors when he's here.  Okay, fine, no problem.

Except 2 problems.

1) MM does not let us know when the damn puppy is in the damn house.
2) MM blames everyone else for his puppy getting out, even if everyone else closes the fucking doors behind them.

I think you're starting to come around to the point.

Now, okay, I don't have a problem with him asserting that we need to be better about closing the doors all of the time, because it's dangerous for little puppies.  We've already had one puppy casualty, we don't want another one.

But when you're first reaction to your dog getting out the first time he's been in this particular house in weeks while we haven't had to deal with him is to threaten to put locks only you can open on all of the doors, and have us work around your schedule, then I have a problem.

Especially when both of us know that I was the last one out of the house other than MM. Especially when I know I closed the damn door behind me as hard as I could because I saw the dog in the fucking hallway as I was trying to get out the door and go to fucking work.  Especially when I know he's ALWAYS the last one out of the house, because the rest of us get up early and go to work or school and have very busy schedules.  Especially when it very well could have been your fucking fault your dog got out and you're just too dim to notice. Especially when, even if I was the one to let him out, not only did you NOT come to me in person and talk it out, but that you sent a mass text message to all inhabitants of the house "not pointing fingers or getting angry" when very obviously you were or you wouldn't have threatened with house arrest because your dog is a clever dumbass.

I really thought I'd gotten away from drama when I moved into this house filled with guys.  I was apparently mistaken.

JFC, I cannot handle this right now.  I'm angry and hormonal, and I want to fucking stab a bitch, but that would be messy and I've got a lot of blood in my life right now already, let's not add to that.

He picked the wrong day to get passive aggressive at me, she typed, passive aggressively in her blog.

Until Next Time, Dear Readers,

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