Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Quick Update

I'm currently without a working computer anywhere but work.  I should probably be doing that, but apparently I cannot focus today.

Luckily my parents don't read this.  Even though sometimes I wish they would.

But, yes.  Not a week after dragging my phone through the river in a mostly waterproof box except for the part where we didn't make sure it was closed all of the way, I spilled soda all on the one side of my laptop computer.  Luckily it was the side without the motherboard.  I'll be taking it to a place locally to get it (hopefully) fixed.  The computer works fine, it's the keyboard that's shit right now.  The keys don't "stick" as such, but they weren't working.  So there's that.

And my iPhone is still on the rice.  We're just going to leave it there for a week (we finally go the back off of it and are just letting it drain some more.  There was apparently still water in there.  Which sucks. I'm pretty sure it's just the screen.  It was the last time I tried to use it, but with the water still in there and the fact that I can't leave shit alone, it may have fucked something else up.  I'm not sure.

So I've been using an old android we had from the last wave of phone upgrades.  Thank god my dad is an electronics hoarder.

My mind is running a blank.  I guess I'll do some actual work now.

Until Next Time (whenever that is)

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