Monday, February 27, 2012

Do you remember...

...The post And Now for Something Completely Different), wherein I mentioned that I was secretly attractive and it was only a matter of time before the fellas at church noticed how secretly attractive I was by my revealing a minor dorky tidbit about myself?  And how they'd then fall about me like flies?


I have become the evil secret genius of secret attractiveness.

No, no no!!  I have to be good, I have to use my powers for good, not evil!  Think Spiderman!  Think Spiderman!  "With great power comes great responsibility."  Come on, you can do this Michelle...

Okay, I think I've got the evil scientist holed up in her laboratory for now.

But the statement still stands that I have finally come out as not-so-secretly-attractive-anymore to the churchy boys.  And oh how the mighty have fallen, she says with an evil smirk.

Damn it, why the hell won't she stay put away?!  Go work on your egg!!

Oh but that's no fun.  Wouldn't you rather plot and scheme to get lovely boys from church things interested in you?  You already look cute for the college group thing tonight...You could make an effort...You could try and get Biology Guy to go out with you...

MMm...yeahhhh...that would be kind of ni---ARGH!  No!  Good, not evil.  I must wait until the opportune moment, you know there are plans in the works, you will not mess with them!!

Fine, have it your way.  I'll just go slink off, sexily, into my lab and brood, sexily, over the lost chances with boys, because Miss Prissy Michelle is going to go all awkward old lady and chicken out, again.

I won't.  I won't chicken out.  I have a plan, and it will be executed!

Anyway, disregard the argument with my sexy evil genius side.

So yes, I let on to the lovely fellas at church that I want to become a bartender.  And instantly, I was attractive and popular.  The most attractive of them (it's only in my head, and none of them will ever know I've rated them in attractiveness levels ever) were all about it, and then one of the most attractive ones asked about me the next week.

A slow, calculating, smoldering look appeared on her face, as she thought about the implications of having a boy asking about her. 

Shoo! Shoooooooooo!!!!!

Damn italicized font-voice.

Anyway, it's taken me a week to get around to this post, mostly because I didn't want to double post on you guys, and also because I've been busy and forgot about it.  Thus, my sexy evil genius has had time to brood on the matter in my subconscious.  She's being really obnoxious about it, too, since she knows my penchant for daydreaming, and uses it to her advantage.

I'm refusing to daydream about actual boys until something concrete happens.  Mostly because I have this fear that if I want something too much, it won't happen.

But I'm working on that.

Until Next Time, Dear Readers

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