Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A sad post...

Because I don't want to put it on Facebook and upset someone in my family who might not know yet.

My Mawmaw (great grandmother) died at some point in the night last night.  I just got the call from my mom.

I was lucky that I got to be as close to her as I did over the last few years of her life.  She was nuts, but she was my great grandmother, and she happened to outlive her husband (which probably only made the fact that she had a few screws loose even worse).  Crap, I'm doing the humor thing again.

I'm really trying not to.  I'm trying to do this seriously.  I really am pretty shaken by all of this.  I guess...I guess where I'm trying to go with all of this is that I hope she's wherever people go when we die (heaven or otherwise) with Pawpaw, and that they're happy together again, bickering or no.  (It's what they did, if they didn't do it, there'd be cause to worry).

Mom's going to call me later today with the details about the funeral.  I really hope my grandparents are doing okay.  Especially Grandma, since Mawmaw was her mother.

Was...that's kind of final, isn't it?


Okay, I'm going to go cry now.  I'll...I'll write again later...

Until next time,

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