Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear Young Person Driving the Gold SUV/Truck,

Hello, sir or madam,

I find myself with a minor sleep deprivation issue this morning, the morning of my interview for a very important job.  This is because of you.

You see, when you stopped at that stoplight by the Citgo at the intersection of Main and Moose, you started honking uncontrollably, even though you were first at the light and there was no one around.  I, an unwitting bystander, turned to see what all the fuss was about, because honking in this area over stupid issues is not uncommon, nor is it common enough to let pass by unnoticed.

This was, of course, my first mistake, this turning around I did.  Because as soon as I spotted you in your white tee shirt in your tan-colored SUV or truck (which was it?  because I am curious) you stopped honking and started waving.

Now would be a good time to mention that there were several other people at this particular Citgo.  Now, when you started waving, I waved back because it appeared that you were waving at me.  However, after you peeled off into the night towards the wooded nowhere past the highway, I found myself turning to check what the other people at the station were doing.

They appeared to not have noticed your frantic honking and waving.  So I wonder, sir or madam, whether you had no idea whom it was you were honking/waving at, or if they didn't notice you and I did, or if I was the person you were waving at (in which case I must say, I have no idea who you were, nor what you were doing at this light).

I got back into my car, thinking it was merely a matter of circumstance that I thought you were waving at me, and perhaps there was someone else you were waving at who was faster at looking like they had no clue as to what just happened.  Except I had my sister in the car as well.  She asked who it was that was waving at us, and I replied that I had no idea.  So obviously I was not the only person who thought that you were waving at me.  And again I wonder, who on earth are you?

It kept me up for a while.

I have one last parting question for you, and I hope you don't take offence to it, but:
Who the hell are you?!


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