Thursday, November 17, 2011

This? This sucks.... [EDIT]


As it turns out, I got cold feet and bailed.  Since GL and I cannot afford to live without roommates, we're both staying in this house.  Hopefully things can be worked out.  Probably not, but might as well hope anyway.  I think mostly that this was a situation exacerbated by the fact that GL and the mean girl have very strong, very opposite personalities.  I mean it was still wrong, but hopefully we can work something out.  I feel really bad for the young woman they found to try and sublease to, but sine the landlord wouldn't consider letting us terminate the lease until after he met her, and since at that point I had already made up my mind to back out of the new place, it's kind of a moot point.

But I do feel better about this whole situation now.  And I mean, we only have to stay until July and then we never have to come back here again if we don't want to.

Anyway...I have work today at 7 and I don't know if I'm supposed to wear team gear or not.  I would assume not, but I was never told one way or the other.   So, I will be going to work in my work clothes and they can kiss my patootie if I'm the only one not in team gear.

Hi all,
Good to know you're all still here, I know I'm not very consistent with my updates.

I'm moving again.  I know it's only been three months, but there you have it.

Here's the downlow.

The two girls GL and I moved in with seemed all right at first.  They were friendly enough and seemed to at least have some sort of agreement with one another about cleaning up.  It looked as though one would clean up after the dogs (reluctantly) and the other would do the dishes (when she was home).  Which was ok, not ideal, but we could handle it.

When things started to get nasty (i.e. the dog messes were not cleaned up right away, the cat wasn't being tested for feline diseases like AIDS or Leukemia, and had Feline Herpes on it's face anyway) we held a house meeting to try and get the issue resolved.  Another thing we'd decided we were finished with having around the house were the dishes in the sink that weren't what we had used and that they hadn't cleaned yet.  Sometimes it would go days before the dishes were done.  We didn't care what had to happen, but we just wanted their mess to be regularly cleaned up more than once a week.

So what they did was they made a chore-chart (without consulting us about it anyway) and put us down for chores.  We told one of the girls that we were just going to do our own dishes and they could do theirs.  We completely ignored the chore chart after that, but luckily it was the other girl's turn to do them as per her assignment.  She waited a week to get them done and probably only because she was having company (which we again were not aware of).  Note, the house is a complete disaster zone that just smells like piss and shit most of the time, and they ONLY really clean it all up if someone is coming and the girls care about what they see (i.e. parents, landlord).  Boyfriends, who are over here all the time, do not get this sort of luxury, so they see the house at its worst and still are with the girls, which suddenly leads me to believe they are telling people it's OUR mess, which is most definitely is not.  We hardly even go out into the common areas -- living room and kitchen -- and when we do we pick up after ourselves and wash our dishes and as much mess as we can.

So the next week, it was my turn to wash the dishes, according to this poor doomed chore chart.  And I wasn't going to wash their dishes because I didn't help make that mess.  Simple and exactly what we'd already told them.  By the end of the week the sink area was full of dishes GL and I had not used.  They'd made huge meals in all the pots and pans and dishes, and had just put them in the sink to soak.  And left them there.  When the girl who had put up the chore chart (hey guess what, we're not exactly fond of her because she expects us to clean up after her, which we refuse to do because she is an adult and should clean up her own mess, and because we were not hired to be their maids or their mothers) texted and asked us to feed the cat over thanksgiving break, we told her sure, but only if she washed her dishes first.  Seems like a fair trade, right?

Wrong, apparently, because she blew up.  When we first insisted that we weren't going to do it, she said that if there were any dishes left in the sink she'd throw them out.  Since most of the dishes are either GLs or mine, they still wouldn't have anything to cook with and that's our goddamn property.  You can't threaten to throw it out.  So she told us to get all of our things out of the kitchen, or else they'd be used as target practice if she had to clean any of it.  So we did what she'd requested and got ALL of our things out of the kitchen and packed them up.  Like I said, this kind of shit (less threatening of course, but still expecting us to clean up after her) has been happening since the beginning, so we decided this was the last straw, she would not be able to threaten our things in the place we're all living in again.  We'd just leave.  We found a listing for an apartment the same day, and we looked at it the next day.  We liked it enough so we're going to take it.  We should be out by the end of the week.

We told the spoiled girl that day that fine, we would just leave, and that they could take care of the $900 rent and switching the utilities and finding new roommates.  We told the nicer of the two girls that we'd moved all of our things from the kitchen and were finding a new place.  They then decided to be petty about us cleaning up things, none of their examples being good ones, especially not in light of this particular situation or the fact that our shit has been destroyed by the mean one's pets.  I mean the girl has a puppy and a kitten and she doesn't train either of them.  She lets the kitten run free throughout the house ALL THE TIME, and the poor puppy is always in her crate because this girl is NEVER HOME.  Keep in mind that the puppy is a large breed dog, is super smart and has lots of energy.  She shouldn't be in this apartment anyway and she certainly shouldn't have to be kept in a crate all day.  This girl shouldn't have gotten pets she was not capable of taking care of properly or giving all the love they need, but that's neither here nor there.  The point of the matter is, her pets have destroyed numerous things of ours and this girl hasn't even OFFERED to help pay for or replace the items.  I don't even care if she really wanted to or not, the point is that she never even really apologized for it.

UGh....I've been bottling things again, you'll have to excuse me.  It makes my tummy all nervous and twisty and my mind's been racing and I've been unable to control my reactions to emotions very well.

I just needed to get most of this out.

I don't care if we look like the petty ones who are blowing up.  I don't want to hear about it.  I know what it looks like, I'm very conscious of it.  Especially since they're telling people god knows what about the situation.

And not to mention if we confront these girls in person, we're ALL friendly and polite and we just constantly ignore the elephant in the room -- the real issue here.  We DO NOT communicate.  At all.  We don't know what they're doing, but we tell them if we're having people over, or, you know, that we're getting a new pet before the fact.

The whole pet thing is the real issue here, but the dishes were just the last nail in the coffin.  I'll be glad when this whole ordeal is over and I NEVER have to deal with them again.

We're going to be subletting to people until our lease here is up, so August.  I do not plan to move again in May but we're going to see how it things are come March with the new place.  I fully expect to stay at this apartment until we do our big move and I never have to live in this area again unless I choose to.

*takes deep breath*

Until next time, dear readers.

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